Sunmile SM-G31 Review

Sunmile SM-G31Electric meat grinder is a must have equipment not only for restaurants or meat shops owners but also for home use. This state of the art product provides lots of benefits that start from making food preparation so fast by ensuring that the food you eat are safe and fresh. There are lots of meat grinder available on the market today, making the choice overwhelming, however, if you are looking for a product that provide both reliability and price, look no further as the Sunmile SM-G31 is the best option.

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Who could buy/benefit from this product?

This is really a mush have a product, most significantly if you are concerned about the superiority of meat you use in your food.  This state of the art meat grinder also has the capability to limit the content of fats in meat; SM-G31 is the most excellent tool you can utilize. It makes the users aware of precisely what it goes in your burgers, pies, ground turkey and sausages. An electric meat grinder is a valuable tool with regards to grinding large amount of food. They are largely utilized in restaurants to grind large amounts of food.

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Product Description

Release from durable kitchen grinding task, allow the SM-G31 meat grinder handle the job. It comes with very powerful 250W motor and die cast metal hoppers that allows user to grind lots of parts of meat in just a matter of time, fast and with ease. The durability and high power motor makes sure that users will be utilizing it over and over again. The detachable grinder is made from cast aluminium in order to withstand your regular use. It comes with a complete set of special accessories so as to meet the needs of the users, such as three cutting plates that allow user to grind spices while the sausage casing makes stuffing the sausage very fast compares to using separate stuffier. Simple to use with a switch on and off and cleaning and storing is also very simple. This product measures 14.76 by 7.68 by 14.17 inch and weighs 7.9 pounds.


Regardless of having reasonable price, this electric meat grinder is also relatively handy and durable. This works just the way you want and works the same ways as expensive meat grinder available out there.  Simply switch it on and this will automatically grind your meat immediately.  The size is an incredibly expedient feature. It is a good addition your kitchen countertop and because it comes with a classy it can easily blend to your kitchen decoration.

Other notable features integrated in this valuable product takes account of:

  • 50 watts rated power
  • 800 watts maximum locked power
  • Easy to use with a simple switch on and off key
  • Removable aluminium tube, cutting blade made of stainless steel and screw
  • Complete set of essential accessories such as one stainless steel blade, three different stainless steel plates, one set kubbe attachment as well as one plastic food pusher
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • More features


One of the great advantage of Sunmile SM-G31 meat grinder is the price which is very reasonable, it only costs hundred dollars and less than. However, simply because it is incredibly reasonable it does not mean that it is not reliable. In electric meat grinder comparison chart this products is the sturdier product as the meat tray, screws and the head are all made from durable aluminium materials.

This Guide also shows that the motor take a little longer in grinding meat, it comes with time saving feature that has the capability to augment the process of grinding. Meat tray is sufficient to handle big quantities of meat. The sausage attachments allow users to stuff their own sausage fast and with ease.


Like other meat grinders out there, this also comes with minor drawbacks; however this is expected in a 350 watt one horsepower motor. One drawback is that it takes time to grind meat compared to other machine. Cleaning process also takes time, however because this product is dishwasher safe compared to other machine out there. At this point in time it is very hard to find a meat grinder that is dishwasher safe with this kind of price.

Customer Review and Scores

The groundbreaking Sunmile SM-G31 receives lots of positive reviews and high rating in Amazon review. In fact out of 90 customers, 70 of them rated the product with five stars, 15 gave four stars and 5 gave three stars with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


The Sunmile SM-G31 is a reasonable alternative to bulkier, heavier as well as expensive meaty grinders available today. This product is not only suitable for home use; this can also be use to small scale restaurant and meat shops. It is an ideal for an non fuss grinding process as well as can handle everything you want to grind. It is easy to use and very effective compared to other high end products available today.

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