STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TFThere are many types of equipment today that really help the daily tasks easier, including the electric meat grinder. It is a must have product that everyone must own. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turbo is one of the leading meat grinders because it’s made of durable materials so users are certain that it survive the daily use and offer many benefits. This is very important for meat shops, restaurants or even at home who frequently grinding meat.

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Who could buy/benefit from this product?

The state of the art STX-3000-TF Turbo of STX International Company is the best option for those who are searching for equipment which can efficiently grind meat. This machine is completed using top quality materials which will assist it to function well. It comes with well built and comprehensive parts which make it more dependable to use. Grinding meat is not an easy task, it requires time and effort to ensure that it is grounded well; with the presentation of this product all your worries regarding these tasks are all vanished.

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Product Description

This electric meat grinder from the STX International Company is powered by 3000W of higher productivity. This gives top quality performance because of the #12 procedure of grinding. Developed utilizing 100% of superb food rating aluminium shed along with 3Ds hardened and tampered grinding plates made of steel, three stainless steel durable cutting blades and kubbe accessory.


The STX-3000-TF-Turbo meat grinder is equipped with many features which will certainly get the attention of many buyers:

  • Comes with 3000 W power
  • Equipped with three changeable speeds, low, high as well as reverse
  • Comes with built circuit breaker for perfect and sage grinding process
  • #12 size of grinder
  • 3 tampered plates grinding made of steel (medium, fine as well as coarse)
  • Three kubbe attachment
  • Three cutting blades made of stainless steel
  • 80,000 grinders and 100% replace and fix guarantee
  • More features


A lot of individual either running a business or at home can gain from using this meat grinder. In fact, this is made to assist users have a simple procedure of grinding meat. The STX-3000-TF-Turbo is really a reliable grinder and at easy to operate as it grinds meat in to smaller piece that is the reason why many people want to buy for home use and business use as well. There are lots of meat shops that benefit from this product, they say that this machine doubles their productivity and as a result enhance their sales and profit. A lot of restaurant owners also utilize this product for fine and well ground meat for easy food preparation.

Other notable benefits offered by this product are:

  • The large dimension of this electric meat grinder from STX International Company has the capability to handle the whole home and business meat grinding jobs easily. Utilize the 2 inch diameter feeding to instantly make sausage.
  • The very powerful motor provided there diverse accuracy to ensure the power you want is accessible if you want it.
  • Three diverse size grinding plates as well as these sizes of cutting blades made of stainless steel provides many choices for diverse preparation.
  • It comes with three pieces of sausage hose provide versatility in the dimension of your sausage as well as casing.
  • Integrated with circuit breaker for your security
  • The parts that are made of aluminium are not safe to wash, so wiping it with clean cloth is enough to eliminate the stains and residue.
  • This not juts help people in grinding meat, this machine also help people especially restaurant owners to cook the food easily and with ease. Purchasers will really please once they utilize this product.

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The state of the art STX-3000-RF-Turbo provides lots of benefits on the hand, despite of any advantages it comes with minor drawback such as some meat are hard to eliminate on its blades. The expert suggested that before using this product, users need to clean first the blade and after using prior to storing. Through this way, you are certain that there’ll be no pieces left on the blade or grinder. Some parts of this machine are made from aluminium which is not washable. However, you can use a cloth to clean it.

Customer Review and Score

Comparison chart shows that this product is really exceptional when it comes to functionality and features. Customers can use this guide prior to buying one. This also shows on various online reviews, in fact, in Amazon store this product receives lots of positive feedback and high rating.


STX-300-TF Turbo by STX International Company is indeed a very reliable meat grinder that never falls short when it comes to providing fine and well grinded meat. The fact that this is made ideally, homeowners, meat shop owners as well as restaurant owners ease their burden of using low quality meat grinder that takes time prior to grind the meat. The best about all is that it comes at a very reasonable price.

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