LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Review

LEM Products .75 HP Stainless SteelNowadays, many people are looking for a durable and versatile meat grinder. Having this kind of equipment is really significant because it will help individuals to grind the meat into very small pieces. One of the well trusted products of meat grinder is the LEM Products .75. This is meat grinder that is composed of high quality components is capable of doing the job in the best way you cannot imagine. It also comes with great features which make it more interesting to use.

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Who Could Benefit from This Product?

Actually, this meat grinder is made for everyone. They can use this product in their house or even for business. It is also made manageable and safe to use; that’s why this product will never give issues or difficulties right from the start. Aside from that, it can really give them lots of benefits that will suit their needs and demands.

Product Description

This .75 HP electric meat grinder is really a great thing to purchase. It comes with a powerful step up grinder unit that allows it to grind the meat with a maximum weight capacity of 360 pounds. This is fully covered with durable stainless steel so it will surely last for several years. The components of it are all metal gears along with roller bearings, steel motor housing, lubricator motor, heavy duty handle, built in circuit breaker, stainless steel course, meat stomper, and meat pan.

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Product Features

  • It has meat tray dimension that measures 11.5 by 8.5 by 2.25.
  • It has roller bearings that weigh 47 pounds.
  • The accessories it includes are three stainless steel plates, meat stomper, big bit auger, and three stuffing tubes.
  • More features


This meat grinder is made of high quality and complete component. Because it is made with stainless steel components and a well built motor, it can easily make a whole meat into very small pieces.


Even though this electric meat grinder is made of durable materials and components, it still has an issue that should be given with an effective solution right away. This product is having issues when it is full of meat. In this case, users should clean this product after they use it in order to avoid this issue.

Customers Reviews and Scores

A lot of people who already make use of this product are very happy and satisfied in the great performance that it shows to them. Because of this, they encourage all the people in their place to purchase this .75 electric meat grinder.

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This .75 electric meat grinder is really made perfect for all homeowners. It has the well trusted and well built components that will give you great performance and benefits that you really need. Furthermore, it is offered at a very reliable price. Actually, creating this kind of product is big help for those people who often grind meat through the use of a knife.

It is really hard to this task because you will need to exert lots of effort as well as it often takes a lot of time before you finish it. So, try to purchase this product and it will never fail your expectancies. It will guarantee you that it will grind the meat well fast and easy.

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